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Privacy Policy:

At some point you may have to pay paid services, please be informed on things like sensitive data such as your credit cards and security are not collected or stored by our service. Any information that you give us in process of signing up is not shared to anyone there for it is encrypted, as it is only used by us to identifier you.

When paying for paid service please be informed that the person making the payment is 16 years and above and has the right to carry out tghe transaction. This app is suitable for anyone who can read and understand, and it has no violent content at the time of writing 25/05/21

Our promise is to strive and produce the most exiciting products and service that are of quality in order of keeping entertained to the recent technology and keeping your brains where possible


We have the ego to provide you with the accuraty information as quickly as possible to keep you updated on any general querries and making sure any problems are executed soon rather than later.
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